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Ayurveda tips for children follow a simple philosophy: Eat right, sleep right, relax, be happy
and enjoy life! This applies to Ayurveda as well as the holistic methods of healing practiced
by the ancient Indian society. Ayurveda aims to build strength, maintain health, and maintain
equilibrium. The holistic nature of Ayurveda is reflected in its numerous Ayurvedic remedies
which act on the body and mind to ensure good health and well-being.

Let’s discuss about the ayurvedic tips that helps your child to be healthy.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most important Ayurvedic tips for children. During the
first two waking hours of the day, Ayurvedic medicine recommends that kids drink a glass of
warm milk (though not hot milk) or water, since hot milk can upset the stomach. After the
morning intake of food and beverages, kids should get up with a glass of cool water to wash
down the stomach. Ayurvedic medicine advocates that children should also stay away from
sweet and oily foods during the day and stay away from processed foods as much as


Ayurvedic Morning Routine

Take a glass of water and as part of their Ayurvedic morning routine for children, parents
should take them a glass of water or lemon juice to help them get rid of the morning stress.
Ayurvedic practitioners say that taking a glass of water will help them remain calm and cool
under the hot sun. The lemon juice has several health benefits for children, which includes
purifying the body and helping to keep the skin healthy. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend
taking about two glasses of water during the course of the day, especially for those with digestive fire.



While it’s true that Ayurvedic practitioners advise kids to take a walk every day and drink lots
of water, they’re still not recommended for active children. Inactive children may become
susceptible to falls and fractures. Instead, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend daily exercise
for children, including gentle swimming, walking, or simple games like hide and seek. This
doesn’t mean physical education is strictly necessary; it’s simply a way to keep the young
ones physically fit. Ayurvedic practitioners often emphasize the need for physical activity to
keep balance and maintain proper health.



Ayurvedic Cuisine

Children can enjoy a wide range of foods, as long as they recognize a healthy balance of
different food groups. Children should eat fresh fruits and vegetables, grains like barley and
wheat, and seeds. The grains should be whole-grains, as they contain essential nutrients
like iron and other trace minerals. Ayurvedic cuisine is rich in proteins, and most young ones
can enjoy delicious yogurt or tasty sauces that are full of nutrients and vitamins. The yogurts
and sauces should be served immediately after they are prepared, as the enzymes in the
ingredients to make them go bad if stored over time.


Avoid Junk Food

Stressful lifestyles and fast-food diets have taken their toll on our young ones, and it’s
important to try and balance out their diet a little bit. Avoid sweet snacks, junk foods, and
foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar. Limit your child’s intake of packaged foods that
have preservatives, artificial coloring, and other unhealthy additives. Ayurvedic food can
balance out the lack of nutrition in the Western diet, and it will also help your youngsters
have a better balance of hormones.